Our Future Shaping vision is to facilitate content that is interesting, relevant and insightful, providing you with deeper insight on areas and topics that are in need of debate.  Sometimes that debate requires calling out and investigating important topics, asking uncomfortable questions and peeling back the layers to present the heart of the matter. The Future Shapers believe investigations into areas and topics in the innovation world where things may well not be as they should, will benefit from being brought into the light – and this will be a positive addition to our community.

Our TFS investigations efforts will be very closely linked to our editorial themes and topics may include the underbelly of the glamour of innovation, failing business models and practices, the snake oil salespersons with their magic frameworks and information about who provides top innovation support.


All investigations will be carried out in adherence to the rules of the  Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), an independent regulator of most of the UK’s newspapers and magazines. This means being held to account for our actions, protecting individual rights, upholding high standards of journalism and helping to maintain freedom of expression for the press. You can get directly involved in the same manner as you would with our commissioned thought pieces.  The editorial team will put out a call for investigations from time to time and would be delighted to hear from you in this regard. You may also submit related investigations at any other time. We are prepared to commission pieces related to the editorial themes for final publication at a rate of 25c per word, up to a maximum of $375 per original thought piece. Commissioned thought pieces will not be longer than 1500 words. All investigative pieces will be marked by the circle logo above, so every time you see this logo, expect thought-provoking, investigative thought leadership coming your way.


We would like to hear from you!

Contact us if you would like to:

  • Make a suggestion for an investigation we should write about
  • Undertake an investigation on behalf of The Future Shapers
  • Receive our editorial guidelines and thought piece templates

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