Innovation That Builds Enterprise Value

We are a global working group and collaboration of Chief Innovation Officers and senior strategy and venture leaders.  In 2009, we began a search to uncover the innovation practices that work and don’t work.  After researching and working with hundreds of organizations we’ve identified a set of practices corporate innovators use to increase enterprise value and continually bring new innovations to market. We’ve organized world-class resources and tools that make innovation a dependable practice.  Today, we are a collaboration designing and developing those innovations that create our future.

Why Innovators CoLab?

Innovation is ubiquitous in our computer-driven, fast paced global marketplace where offers can be designed and made in an instant.  Our collaboration is an opportunity to design those offers and produce the accomplishments that lead industries.

Crafting New Innovations That Shape The Future

Our current offers focus on helping organizations operate at the breakthrough end of the innovation spectrum.  They are helping to create the Industries of the Future including blockchain, IoT, Smart Cities, cannabis, crypto-currency, cyber-security, AgTech and many others.  It is our mission to use our time, energy and money helping them innovate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 The pace and scale of innovation is rapid and global so we work closely with each of our members to be that first call when they need a resource to help them produce fresh, new impactful innovations that shape the future.