In my latest piece I looked at the difficulties we have, both as individuals and as organisations with change. Regardless of the context, most of our efforts tend to fail.

When it comes to personal change however, one effective strategy to improve our odds is to enlist the help and support of other people.  As a community of interesting and experienced innovation travelers, I wanted to flip this on its head and ask what we can give to you, the reader.

A few years ago now the Wharton academic Adam Grant wrote his paean to the virtues of giving unconditionally, and highlighted the numerous benefits we receive in our long-term relationships when we give heartily.

In an organisational sense, this has manifested itself in approaches such as the reciprocity ring. Developed by Humax Networks, it involves people gathering together and openly sharing a problem they’re currently facing. It is the job of the group then to come together to help them solve that problem.

So, the purpose of this short post is to ask you, dear reader, what are your most pressing innovation challenges today? What are the things that keep you awake at night? Let us know, either in the comments below, or privately via email, and we will engage the collective wisdom of our contributors to try and help you in some way.