The Future Shapers recently investigated the UK Government’s Future Fund.  The Investigation called out one of the strange array of firms the government, albeit through an intermediary the British Business Bank, has decided to invest in. 

It highlighted the case of Killing Kittens, a sex orgy platform, as one of potentially hundreds of applications where the recipients value proposition is of very tenuous benefit to the UK and in some cases is directly counter to current and future government policy. 

In our next investigative piece on the topic we follow this up with a further look at some of the companies and consider who might be the real winners behind over £1 billion of government funding that went into the potential innovators and stars of tomorrow. 

Before publishing this piece TFS circulated it with representatives of the British Business Bank. Up to the date of publication, no comments were yet received. Another attempt would be made to get responses from all interested parties this week, which we will publish on 23 September 2021.  

Keep an eye out for this story being published tomorrow. 

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